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About California Housing Action

California Housing Action is a nonprofit organization. We advance policies and build strong coalitions to increase housing production and meet California’s rapidly increasing housing needs.

What We Stand for:

Cutting Red Tape

Regulatory barriers make building more housing difficult and expensive. A statewide report found that one those barriers, local “development fees” or  “impact fees”, dramatically increase the cost of building housing and are passed along to Californians in the form of high housing costs. A study conducted by UC Berkeley found that development fees can add up to 18% of the cost of a new home.


Sustainable Growth and Mitigating Climate Impact

We can advance our housing goals while also protecting our environment and addressing the impact of climate change. Focusing new housing development near transit and jobs can reduce our environmental impact by minimizing sprawl. We believe in advancing sustainable building practices and incentivizing development that will help mitigate climate change. 


Incentivizing Housing Production

We can meet our housing needs and provide good-paying jobs for millions of Californians along the way. We must incentivize housing production that leads to strong economic growth and reward innovators who reduce environmental impacts and improve the quality of homes. In addition, we should incentivize local governments to adopt housing-friendly policies with greater access to resources to serve their communities. 


Access to Data

Accurate and timely data collection on the number of new approved developments, building permits or certificates of occupancy can provide valuable information for research and policy development. This data is critical to further advancing housing production and should be easy to access and available to the public. 

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