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Frequently Asked Questions

Why more housing?

For too long, housing prices have rapidly risen and our state has failed to take bold action to increase housing production to meet our needs. The result is too many are priced out or living paycheck to paycheck to afford their rent. This is unacceptable. Meeting our housing needs and lowering the rising cost of housing is achievable, with bold action centered around smart housing policies that protect our environment.

What kinds of housing are you proposing?

Building housing of all kinds will help to advance our goals. Housing near transit and jobs, built with sustainable practices will allow us to reduce the cost of housing and ensure more people can live close to work.

Isn’t a “build, build, build” attitude bad for the environment?

Housing development can help fight climate change and its impacts. By centralizing housing units in high-density areas, for example, we’ll have fewer homes in the path of wildfires. And by building in areas near bus/transit stops, it will be even easier for folks to take public transport, making automobile use less desirable.

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